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surfing expedition

Surfing epic waves is what drives us. Finding the perfect spot is our motivation.

Are you looking for a unique surfing experience? The crystalline beaches of Central Mexico offer a complete array of waves to satisfy all your salt water needs. Sceneries range from fast beach breaks to long perfect point breaks. We provide multiple set ups capable of quenching any surfer’s thirst. 

Saltmen Mexico counts with the necessary expertise of Central México to ensure comprehensive guided surfing excursions and on point advice to travel Mexico’s central coast.

Our expedition can accommodate your needs by taking you on a one day excursion and even lasting up to one week. Our exceptional network of hotels will work by our side to guarantee the best waves and the perfect sleeping quarters for you. Our services extend along the coast from Sayulita, Nayarit to Rio Nexpa, Michoacan, serving over 600km of coastline for unlimited surfing exploration.

Winter and summer swell windows provide surf 365 days a year making this a particular geographic gem possibly the best of its kind.

Our company is distinguished by privacy and safety, allowing a maximum of 4 surfers per trip, guaranteeing the perfect setting for the perfect wave. Discretion is the key. The safety of our members and crew is our first priority, reason why we keep strict protocols ensuring nothing but fun and exploration. Let our team of masters take you for the surfing experience of a lifetime.

Prices vary on distance time and wave hunting. Contact us via email for complete customized pricing.